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Philadelphia Airport; a complete tour guide for travelers

Are you making a trip to Philadelphia anytime soon and pursuing to know the Philadelphia airport (airport code: PHL) detail guide to avoiding any hassle you may encounter during airport hours? Well then, you may settle down because we will serve you a perfectly blended recipe of the Philadelphia International Airport.

Before we dive into the airport details, we would like to digress for the moment to address how the Philadelphia airport is coping during the COVID-19 crisis.

In the aftereffect of the COVID-19 crisis, the airport experience has changed drastically. Therefore take a moment to learn what to expect when you fly via or to the Philadelphia airport.

PHL and its airline partners now require face coverings.

Upon the concern of passengers’ safety, the TSA screening procedure has been updated.

Keep your boarding pass in possession.

Separate food for screening for X-rays

Larger containers of hand sanitizer

The physical distance between lines

Philadelphia Airport Safety Information

Philadelphia airport focus is on the wellbeing of staff and travelers. PHL and its partners use a shared response plan to prevent the transfer and dissemination of infectious diseases from foreign countries to the United States and across state lines. Airport representatives work closely with the CDC, the Public Health Department of Philadelphia, the Emergency Management Office of Philadelphia, and state officials to monitor the status of COVID-19 in our area and facilitate a coordinated response. The PHL COVID-19 Recovery Playbook summarizes the improvements made to avoid the transmission and dissemination of COVID-19 at passenger-facing locations in the airport by PHL and its airport partners.

Additionally, to include the use of Envirox Critical Treatment, a highly potent disinfectant formulated for critical disease transmission sites, PHL has stepped up its cleaning and disinfecting procedures. The compound is well-known for its low toxicity and residual bacterial killing capability for 24 hours. We use this chemistry on handrails for stairs, escalators, moving sidewalks and elevators, handles, keys, floors, and bathrooms.

To sanitize surfaces in less time and more comprehensively than conventional cleaning methods, PHL uses electrostatic technology called the Clorox Complete 360 System.

Airports also proactively implemented motion sensor-enabled technology in public areas, including doors, faucets, soap dispensers, flush valves, paper towel dispensers, and doors, to minimize the number of passengers touching common areas. Most of the airport’s 50 water bottle filling stations are hands-free, and each terminal has facilitated hand sanitizer dispensers.

About Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)

The only chief airport serving the 6th largest metropolitan area in the country, Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), is a large hub airport serving 32.24 million passengers annually. Twenty-five airlines deliver almost 500 daily departures to more than 140 destinations internationally, including all major domestic carriers. The airport is conveniently accessible and convenient for many tourist destinations, business centers, and cultural hubs, located 7 miles from downtown Philadelphia. The airport implies no local tax dollars and is self-sustaining. PHL is one of the region’s main economic drivers, producing $16.8 billion annually for the economy and responsible for 106,000 full-time jobs.

Terminal Guide of Philadelphia airport

The Philadelphia Airport passenger terminal complex consists of seven eastern-to-western passenger terminals: A-West, Terminal A-East, Terminal B&C, Terminal D, Terminal E & Terminal F-linked in their protected areas, providing access to the corresponding garages. In both secure and unsecured regions, Terminals B & C and D & E are linked. At the same time, Terminal F is only connected to the other terminals in its secure areas (post-security).

Terminal A

PHL Terminal A is divided into Terminals A-East & A-West, each with its branches, linked at their ticketing level. The only terminal with U.S. Immigration & Customs is Terminal A-West, which serves all international flights except those with U.S. pre-clearance facilities.

The American, British Airways, Lufthansa & Qatar & Spirit airlines serve Concourse A-West with A14-A26 entrances. Travelex, a large Customs Hall & a small International Arrivals Hall connecting to Garage A-West are located in Terminal A-West. It also ties its ticketing area with the A-East Ticketing Area. At Terminal A-West, American Express offers its new spacious Centurion Lounge.

American, American Eagle & Charters airlines are serving Concourse A-East with gates A2-A13-. A connector leads to the Baggage Claim A-East from Terminal A-East Ticketing and the terminal connector to Terminal B / C. Facilities available: Minute Suites, The Traveler’s Retreat, a children’s play area, shoeshine, UPS shop, Travelex.

A post-security walkway connects terminals A & B at Philadelphia Airport.

Terminal B & Terminal C

It includes gates D1-D16 of Concourse D and Air Canada, Alaska, Delta, Delta Link, United & United Express airlines. Resources include Delta Sky Club, Shoeshine, Travelex, and XpresSpa. At the ticketing stage, Terminal D is linked to terminal E. Terminal D also connects via a post-security walkway with the shopping area of Terminal B & C. Terminal D houses the Delta Sky Club.

Terminal D

It includes Concourse D gates D1-D16 and is used by airlines such as Air Canada, Alaska, Delta, Delta Link, and United & United Express. Resources include Delta Sky Club, Shoeshine, Travelex, and XpresSpa. At the ticketing stage, Terminal D is connected to terminal E. Terminal D also links via a post-security walkway to the shopping area of Terminal B & C. Terminal D houses the Delta Sky Club.

Terminal E

PHL Terminal E houses gates E1-E17 of Concourse E and are used by Frontier, JetBlue & Southwest. NOTE: Terminal D is for Delta gates & baggage claims, while Terminal E is for ticketing. Terminal E shares Terminal D’s ticketing & discounts and then D / E Link baggage claim.

Terminal F

Containing F gates F1-39, only American Eagle is serviced. Terminal F ticketing with attached Baggage Claim F and a Terminal Connector to Terminal E is placed on the north side of the Terminal Complex and connections to Concourses 1 with gates F1-F9, Concourses 3 with gates F24-39, and Concourses 2 with gates F10-23.


All the terminals are linked via the airside, but you will have to walk for several minutes, depending on your terminal position.

There is also an airside shuttle bus, running every five minutes from Terminal F to Terminals A-East and C.

Here are the following steps to capture it:

Terminal F: F-14 Gate

Terminal C: C-16 Gate

Terminal A: A-11 Gate

As part of the airport expansion scheme, a human mover is anticipated to be constructed by 2022.

Lounges at Philadelphia airport

In case you are an economy class traveler at Philadelphia Airport (PHL), as long as you can buy a day pass, annual membership, or pay at the entrance, you can use the following airport lounges.

American Airlines Admirals Club

Location: Multiple Locations – (1) Concourse A East, (1) Concourse A West, (1) Concourse B/C and (1) Concourse F.

Delta Sky Club

Location: Terminal D, Airside, to the right of The Earl Of Sandwich.

United Club

Location: Airside, second-level, between Concourse C & D.

USO Lounge

Location: Terminal E, Airside, near Gate E2

Centurion Lounge

Location: Terminal A, Airside, near Gate A14.
Philadelphia Airport Services

Via all the terminals, passengers can find free Wi-Fi access.

Passengers can find ATMs and currency exchange services (in international facilities only) inside all seven airport terminals.


Philadelphia airport Lost & Found center is located in the Contact Center, where objects found in the terminals, concessions, and restrooms are kept.

Lost & Found facility is established Between Terminals C and D.

Hours of service: From 08:00 to 00:00. Please contact: +1 215-937-6888 [email protected]

Please contact [email protected] for things left at the TSA checkpoint.

Service time: from 10:00 am to 02:00 pm, Sunday to Saturday.


Cafeterias and restaurants


Minute Suites

Charging stations


Play area for children

Philadelphia Airport Parking Information

The on-site airport parking facilities are owned and maintained by the Parking Authority of Philadelphia. In the short term (ground level of the garages), garages, and the Economy Parking lot, on-site airport parking is available. For safety purposes, vehicles must be parked in all parking facilities at the airport with a license plate facing the driving aisle.

In the garages and short-term parking, the height limit is 6’2.’

The less costly garage rate in C, D, E, or F Short-Term (ground level of garages) for visits of less than 24 hours would be charged to over-sized specially fitted wheelchair vehicles that are unable to access the garages.

Note: Short-Term parking is not allowed for overnight parking.

Charging Stations for Hybrids and Electric Cars

The parking facilities are fitted with seven charging stations capable of charging 14 electric vehicles at any time: two in Garage C on Level 1, two in Garage D on Level 1, and three in the Economy Lot next to the toll booth at the airport.

Please visit www.philapark.org, the website of the Philadelphia Parking Authority. Customers can call the PPA Airport Operations Division at 215-683-9840 for assistance. It is possible to email questions, feedback, and suggestions to [email protected].

Philadelphia Airport Car Rental Information

At Philadelphia International Airport, a variety of car rental facilities are conveniently located. Rental agencies offer frequent free shuttles between all bag claims and their rental car facility.

For car rental, you may pick-up from Zone 2 on the South Commercial Road.

The following companies operate at Philadelphia Airport:

Alamo: +1 215-492-3960​

Budget: +1 800-527-0700​

Avis: +1 215-492-0900​

Enterprise: +1 610-521-3700​

Dollar: +1 800-800-4000​

National: +1 800-227-7368

Hertz: +1 215-492-7200​

Accessibility Information

Many of the facilities offered to guests are given directly by airlines and other organizations, including services such as skycaps, visual guides, electric carts, and wheelchairs. The respective airline should provide advance notice in case any assistance is required.

It can be accomplished by either calling your airline or by messaging your travel agent. It is the responsibility of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to move passengers via airport security checkpoints.

For persons with special needs, read more about the TSA procedures at http:/www.tsa.gov/travelers/airtravel/specialneeds/index.shtm or toll-free at 855-787-2227.

Hearing or speech-impaired travelers can call the Pennsylvania Relay Service at:

800-654-5984 for TTY relay

800-654-5988 for Voice relay

Travelers with disabilities or medical needs who have concerns at security checkpoints about policies or procedures may call:

TSA Support Line: 855-787-2227

Lost something at Airport or in a flight? Click here to report online

Dedicated investigation manager for every successful lost report. We work with more than 15000+ Airports & Airlines lost and found offices worldwide. Increase chance of locating your lost property TODAY.

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