Obviously,you have to.When we find your lost item, we request you to submit related documents to check that you are authorized owner of that item. After proper verification we return your lost article.
It happens most of the time that commuter is not living nearby the Airport. In this case we courier found item to the user at their current residence. Courier cost will be extra to be beard by the user.
Airport and Airlines charges a penalty to return any properties found at their premises. Fee paid to Airport-Lost-And-Found.com includes this penalty charges to the commuters. We use world leaders to process your payment.Payment systems used by Paypal are 128 bit secured. There is no chance of any misuse of your card
After successfull reporting details of the lost item and paying the fee. We provide an userid and Passoword to track status of your lost item.To login and check status of your lost item click here. We also provide an Unique tracking Id number given to you as a reference/identity number when you file your lost property. We use this number as a replacement for your name when showing the latest reports processing on Airport-Lost-and-Found.com. This number is designed to keep your personal information private, protecting your identity from the public; as well as to help identify you and your lost belongings in our database system.
We have over 85% strike rate to find any lost item at Airport or Airlines. Our state of art technology and public listing increases chances to found items.But in rare cases,if lost item was not found by us, we are liable to return 100% payment back to the user.In some cases user find their articles personally without the help of Airport-Lost-And-Found.com then you just need to file the return request to us, we don’t say no to any refund request,if item was not found by us. We return 100% money back to the user in 90 Days.
All the security professionals and Airport/Airlines staff are bound to return found items to the concerned Airport/Airlines lost and found offices. Found items at Airport or Airlines are managed by technology enabled database with all the details. So anything missed by you are in safe hands.
Airport-Lost-And-Found.com is used globally by worldwide Airport and Airlines Lost and found department. It is regularly checked by all the airport security professionals, cafeteria owners and lost and found department of Airport and Airlines. So items which are reported lost on Airport-Lost-And-Found.com instantly alert the concerned authority and people. Our state of art technology automatically matches the description of lost items with found items of airport and airlines, which increases the chance to recover your lost articles.
Getting lost item back from Airport and Airlines is an easy task now. Thanks to the latest technology of Airport-Lost-And-Found.com