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Chicago O'Hare ORD Airport


Chicago O'Hare International Airport lost and found

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O'Hare was the busiest airport in the world by the number of takeoffs and landings in 2014, ahead of Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which held the title from 2005 to 2013; however, it lost that title back to Atlanta a year later. Until 1998, O'Hare was also the world's busiest airport by the number of passengers; it was surpassed mainly due to limits the federal government imposed on the airport to reduce flight delays.As of 2016, O'Hare is the sixth-busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic

O'hare Airport lost and found is located at Public areas of the terminal: contact the Chicago Police at (773) 686-2385.Security screening locations: contact TSA at (773) 377-1210.TSA Administrative Offices are in the Terminal 2 Mezzanine. Enter via stairs/elevator across from Vestibules 2A (both on the upper or lower levels).

If you are unable to contact the lost and found department. File your lost property claim here. Click here to report

Lost something at O'hare Airport?

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