br eye glass case/ bifocals&necklace lost in Palm Beach International - PBI Airport or in Delta Air Lines .

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Property Lost br eye glass case/ bifocals&necklace
Name Nancy LaPorta
Phone Privacy reason
Email Privacy reason
Lost Place On the Airplane
Lost Country United States
Lost Airport Palm Beach International - PBI lost and found
Lost Airline Delta Air Lines lost and found
Flight Number DL1852
Lost Date May 22,2014
Contact Time Any Time
Time Zone (GMT-5:00) - Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Can Be notify By call, Email
Location Details Placed in my carry on at security ck pt. On connecting DL2632 there was a man rearranging luggage trying to fit his bag in he had actually took my bag out and I asked him to please put my bag back. When I arrived home I noticed the zipper compartment on my luggage was partially open. I didn't notice the glass case was missing until I unpacked late that evening at my home in Va.
Additional Information I am short and upon retrieving my carry on I was not able to see into the overhead compartment so I didn't notice if my glass case was in there. The item lost is a brown glass case with wire rimmed bifocal eyeglasses, there was also a white sapphire necklace, a pair of ear plugs and three melatonin tablets inside. The necklace is white and yellow gold oval shape with I think 5 small white sapphire stones that cascade on the right side of the pendant, I don't have access to a photo of either the glasses, or case tho' I may have a photo of the necklace with my papers in Va. I am presently back in Florida and unable to access those pictures.

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