Lost Property Details

Propery Lost

Pair of reading glasses in a grey leather case


Renee Barnett


Privacy reason


Privacy reason

Lost Place

On the Airplane

Lost Country

United Kingdom

Lost Airport

London Heathrow - LHR

Lost Airline

Singapore Airlines

Flight Number

SQ 308

Lost Date

Apr 28,2014

Contact Time

Any Time

Time Zone

(GMT) - Greenwich Mean Time, Dublin, Edinburgh, Lo

Can Be notify By:

Text message, Email

Location Details:

I was sitting in the Business Class section and I think I left it on the seat under the cushion or in the pocket on the side window. Not sure of the seat number but from memory it was the 2nd window seat on the right hand side of the aeroplane opposite the bulkhead seats in the middle. (May have been 18A but not sure).

Additional Information:

They are a ladies pair of glasses, dark brown in colour with speckled or marbled look (I think). They were in a plain grey coloured case.

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