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Propery Lost

I lost documents my DNI 52907540L Carla Cardenas Tapia, my daughter DNI Ibeth Carolina Ponce Cardenas ..My driving licence and my family book, It is a small bag. I will back to London 31 of Dic. Many


Carla Cardenas Tapia


Privacy reason


Privacy reason

Lost Place

Security Check In

Lost Country

United Kingdom

Lost Airport

London Stansted - STN

Lost Airline


Flight Number


Lost Date

Dec 18,2018

Contact Time

Any Time

Time Zone

(GMT) - Greenwich Mean Time, Dublin, Edinburgh, Lo

Can Be notify By:


Location Details:

I was at the security checking Ryanair 5898 Door 47..it is an small bag my identity card Carla Cardenas Tapia, my driving lincence, my daughter identity card Ibeth Ponce Cardenas and my family book..It is Spanish documents.

Additional Information:

It is an small bag..the family book is black.inside are my and my daughter identity card and my driving licence .I lost at the security check in Ryanir on 18 of Dic at 7pm I will back to London 31 Dic.

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