Lost Property Details

Propery Lost

mini ipad in blue case


Waldemar Ceglowski


Privacy reason


Privacy reason

Lost Place

Airline Terminal/Gate

Lost Country

United Kingdom

Lost Airport

London Stansted - STN

Lost Airline


Flight Number


Lost Date

Nov 2,2018

Contact Time

Mid Morning : 8:30 AM

Time Zone

(GMT) - Greenwich Mean Time, Dublin, Edinburgh, Lo

Can Be notify By:

Call, Text Message, Email

Location Details:

Shown to a member of plane crew on boarding the plane (for 17.25 takeoff). Almost certainly misplaced after that , somewhere around seat 25C, either I sat on it or it fell out of one of my two bags. One bag was directly above the seat, the other was under the seat in front of me. Just possible that it fell out in the short distance out of the plane, through passport control and the airport building and onward to the platform of the Stansted Express train below the airport. Definitely lost before getting on the train. I was only carrying hand luggage.

Additional Information:

The mini ipad is about four years old as is the blue case so you are not looking for anything sparkling new.

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