Lost Property Details

Propery Lost

Flashy-green(mint color) 24kg suitcase


Tatiana Ivannikova


Privacy reason


Privacy reason

Lost Place

Airline Terminal/Gate

Lost Country


Lost Airport

Schiphol - AMS

Lost Airline

Transavia Airlines

Flight Number


Lost Date

Dec 20,2018

Contact Time

Any Time

Time Zone

(GMT+1:00) - Brussels, Vienna, Amsterdam

Can Be notify By:

Call, Email

Location Details:

At the check-in/drop-off desk employee of Transavia forgot to attach the luggage tag to my suitcase. The suitcase went on the baggage belt without the tag and I saw the employee running to it to attach the tag. Since then I haven't seen the suitcase, but also not sure whether the tag was successfully attached. I reported the baggage being lost upon my arrival in Paris Orly (file reference number ORYTO28377), but for 15+ days only feedback I receive was that 'the search is ongoing'

Additional Information:

Flashy green-blue (Mint color) plastic suitcase, around 67-77 cm. Brand: American Tourister. No other marks outside, only attached 'heavy 24kg' baggage tag that may also fell off during the journey. Inside: clothes and shoes for holidays, including valuable belongings (black Louis Vuitton bag, black-gold Chanel sunglasses, black Tommy Hilfiger shoes, La Reveche swimwear with roses, etc). There were also 2 books: 1 in Russian, 1 in English, English one had a note from my friend starting with 'Dear Tatiana...', that may help to identify the contents. There was also a white pijama with TATI ingraving on it. There were 2 orange rackets with a ball to play ping-pong on the beach

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