Lost Property Details

Propery Lost

Small camera Canon power shot


Stephen McDonald


Privacy reason


Privacy reason

Lost Place

On the Airplane

Lost Country

United States

Lost Airport

Denver International - DEN

Lost Airline

Southwest Airlines

Flight Number

Lost Date

Jul 14,2018

Contact Time

Any Time

Time Zone

Can Be notify By:

Text message, Email

Location Details:

Canon power shot in a black in Gray case with clip...2SD cards one in camera 1 in case.we are sure it fell on floor of the plane. We arrived from Seattle at 5:00pm and left for Baltimoreat 7:00pm. We were at gate C27. This camera will fit in your pocket when not in case. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Stcabin@gmail.com Stephen and Tina McDonald

Additional Information:

100.00 reward Canon power shot camera ... small in case with clip on it, 2SD cards 1 in case 1 in camera ....very important!!!

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