Lost Property Details

Propery Lost

Apple macbook


Phillip Laing


Privacy reason


Privacy reason

Lost Place

Security Check In

Lost Country

United States

Lost Airport

Hanchey Army Heliport - HEY

Lost Airline

Delta Air Lines

Flight Number

Lost Date

Dec 22,2018

Contact Time

Any Time

Time Zone

(GMT-5:00) - Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Can Be notify By:

Call, Text Message, Email

Location Details:

Security checkpoint.. the laptop was in my bag and the tea agent told me to take it out so he can run it through again.. he took it out the bag and ran it through again but I only picked up the bag and not the laptop and charger. Somewhere between 7-8oclock pm. I went in through the delta side. It’s a silver MacBook Pro the name on the screen should pop up as Phillip Laing

Additional Information:

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