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Propery Lost



Linda Calvasina


Privacy reason


Privacy reason

Lost Place

Security Check In

Lost Country


Lost Airport

Doha International - DOH

Lost Airline

Qatar Airways

Flight Number


Lost Date

Sept 18,2018

Contact Time

Any Time

Time Zone

Can Be notify By:

call, Text message, Email

Location Details:

I took my iPad out to run it through the scanner when going through security when I arrived at Doha, Qatar airport. I didn’t remember to pick it back up and left it on the belt inside the tray. It is in a black iPad case that has a keyboard attached to it. I’m coming back through the Doha airport again 09/28 06:10 am on QR1368 and will leave 09/28 08:15 am on QR729. If you find it, could I pick it up while there?

Additional Information:

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