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I have lost different items from my luggage from Haneda airport to London Heathrow with Air China on 14 June 2018


Carmelita Kalloe


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Privacy reason

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Tokyo Haneda International - HND

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Air China

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Jun 14,2018

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Any Time

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I was travelling from Tokyo Haneda to London Heathrow on the 14 June 2018. I had a transit in Beijing ,China I came home in London 11 pm on 14 June 2018.The next morning I start to pack out my luggage the next morning 15 June 7 am. I saw that there was no padlock on my checked luggage.When I opened the lugagge, I saw that my properties in my lugagge were messed up, not in the way I had organised my lugagge. I had made a photo of the messed up lugagge. I don,t know whwere this happened. I had seen the items when I was packing my lugagge in Tokyo in the apartment. I had a transit in Beijing. During my transit I did not get my bagage, it was in transfer, sould get my lugagage in London.

Additional Information:

pair shoes, black,heels hair styler 2 blouses, 1 Michael Kors,black and 1 Mosh Mosh ,blue/white 1 skirt, denim 1 bottle vodka, 1 bottle wine ,white burberry parfum, 100 ml chanel parfum, 100 ml sunglasses. Ray Ban, Brown 1 pair nike sneakers white

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